Village of Wheeling

Located in the heart of the prestigious north suburbs of Chicago and with a diverse population of 40,000 people, Wheeling has shared in the area’s economic growth and prosperity over the past four decades. Cultured, industrious, and creative, Wheeling is home to the renowned Restaurant Row, award-winning schools, and a flourishing business community.

Incorporated in 1894, the Village of Wheeling originated as an overnight rest stop for travelers journeying from Chicago to the Wisconsin Territory via the overland trail known today as Milwaukee Avenue. The inns, taverns, and eateries established in the 1830s on this major corridor developed into Wheeling’s Restaurant Row. In step with the growth of Metro Chicago, Wheeling emerged as a center for industry and commerce in the 1960s. Today, Wheeling residents and business owners enjoy the vibrant neighborhoods, public amenities, and community spirit fostered by this rich heritage.

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