Submit an Event

Submit an Event

As a benefit of your chamber membership, have the opportunity to let the community know what events your business is participating in, or sponsoring. Log in to your account and submit it for approval to have it included on the chamber calendar.

Here’s how to add an event:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on the Events button (see image above)
  3. In Events click on Add Event. This will take you to the Events-Create screen.
    Complete the fields with the details of your event.

    1. Event title
    2. Check the All Day Event or enter Start/End date and time – This is where it will be placed on the calendar once approved.
    3. Recurrence – If you would like this event to repeat on the calendar you can set the appropriate recurrence.
    4. Description – Enter the detail of the event
    5. Location – Where the event will be held or alternate locations
    6. Date/Time – Any details about the date and time
    7. Fees/Admission – Let the people attending know there will be a fee to attend.
    8. Contact Information – Enter the name or phone number of someone a person could contact if they had question.
    9. Event Categories – What category would you like your event to be found under if this search option is used on the website.
    10. Photos & Images – The Main Event Photo is a 500×500 pixel image that will show at the top of the description
    11. Search Results Logo – The Search Results Logo is a 75×75 pixel image that will show when the event calendar is being viewed in list form.
    12. Photo Gallery – These are 8 photos 400×400 pixels that you can use to highlight features of your event. These will show at the bottom of the event page.
    13. Map Services – There are 2 options to choose from, Google Maps or you may load in a map images
    14. YouTube – If you have a video from a past event and you would like to share that on the event page. To use this option you will need to load the video to your channel in YouTube, once this is done you will have a share link that you can past in the Video URL box.
    15. Once the details have been entered you can either Save as Draft which allows you the option to save your work and come back to complete it, or you can submit for approval. This will send the event details to your chamber/association
      for approval, once the event is approved it will show on the website calendar.

Manage Events

  1. Once you are logged to your account, click on Events. In the events area click Manage Events (see image above)
  2. The Manage Events page is a place you can go to see events you have submitted, it will show pending, current and past events.
  3. To make an update to an event you can click on the event title, make your updates and submit for approval
  4. Preview an event by clicking the Preview link under Action
  5. Copy and paste event to save time when creating an event. This will take the details of a past event and populate the fields of the new event page, this way you only need to update certain information.

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